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Who We Are

b. 1986, HK.


Much like the challenger brands we work with, at Neue Designs we like to do
things a little differently.

We’re a boutique agency cutting through the design and marketing waffle, to create stand out design solutions that get heads turning and tongues wagging. Focused on working with small-medium sized brands, we are a young, reactive team built on a common belief that damn-fine design comes from passion, experiences and clicking with the people we surround ourselves with. 

We love a challenge and want to create work that disrupts and helps brands shift gears. 

Our Founders

Emma Darby

Creative Director & Founder

As an industrial designer by trade, I have an obsession with how things are made and function, not just how they look. 

During my time at Procter & Gamble and various global retail design agencies, I saw a shift in type of brands that were appearing on the scene, with a lot of the newer challenger companies quickly dominating their categories.

It became clear that the services they needed, from a design and agency perspective, had to mirror this shift and be just as reactive and lean as the businesses they are running and working within.

From this, Neue Designs was born.

It was time that the traditional agency- client relationship got a face lift. The design rule book got thrown out, and agency processes got stripped back to being efficient. Helping to make the most of the opportunities that these new brands face. 


Neue Designs _ Founders_ Emma & Chess

Chess Darby

Brand Director & Partner

Having experienced agency life at one of London’s top creative advertising agencies, followed by an international marketing role at the UK's fastest growing FMCG start-up brands, Propercorn, I’ve been exposed to and seen the effects first-hand of these ‘under-dog’ brands throwing larger companies totally out of their comfort zones.

Today, the branding-playing field couldn’t be a more exciting place. No market leader is safe from it’s newer, fresher, more nimble competitors blowing them out of the water. 

No matter how big or small companies are, authentic, damn-fine branding and design is increasingly playing a key role in remaining relevant and staying afloat. 

At Neue Designs, we want to help give our brands and clients with the right toolkits to step-change their categories. 

Our Clients

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